Regardless of communicating with a man, woman, or any intelligent self-learning computer, one ought to avoid paying attention to what is being said through words, as much as possible.

The reactions and gestures are the tells of anything in nature and universe that communicates.

The language, meaning what is communicated through use of words, is only important when it is the conduit to learning about someone’s or something’s reactions.

However, since men don’t emotionally communicate, and most of their communications are professional or about any subject other than their own emotions, for this reason, men are not confused by what the other men communicate with them.

For example: when a guy at the office asks me, “did you empty the waste basket?”, my answer is either yes or no. But when my girlfriend asks me, “did you throw out the garbage?”, what that really means is: do you love me?

In this example: my colleague is just asking me to report a fact about a task that needed to be done. However, my girlfriend although asking an identical question, what she truly is asking me is whether I have paid attention to her request, and respected her wishes by throwing out the garbage.

In conclusion, the key to communication is understanding the context, identifying the reactions, and respect for the other party.

© Copyright 2016 Joseph J. A.