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Cisco plans to cut another 6,000 jobs

Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO.O) forecast tepid current-quarter results and said it plans to cut another 6,000 jobs, as the network equipment maker works through a transition toward a new cycle of high-end switches and routers. The latest round of layoffs is at least the third workforce reduction in about as many years for a company […]

China’s wealthy elite is fleeing the country for a better quality of life

China’s wealthy elite is fleeing the country for a better quality of life—better education, better air, and greater personal security. China’s Ministry of Public Security has just added a further potential reason: fleeing the police. “The U.S. has become the top destination for Chinese [economic] fugitives,” Liao Jinrong, a ministry official told state-run China Daily on Monday. According to the English-language newspaper, “More than […]

July’s box office total didn’t even hit $1 billion.

Guardians of the Galaxy earned an estimated $94 million on its opening weekend, setting a new August record and validating the filmmakers and executives who took a chance on a tongue-in-cheek, big-budget sci-fi adventure based on a lesser-known cult title. With a solid $66 million opening from overseas markets and a sequel in progress, the […]

Best friends launched

Seriously, the new kid on the mobile gaming block, has wasted no time making a play for the in-crowd. The startup today launched its Best Fiends website, providing a first look at an animated game heading to your smartphone or tablet in October. “Discover the world of Minutia and its population of cute, courageous and fiendish […]

Drupal and WordPress teams have coordinated joint security releases

For the first time, the open-source Drupal and WordPress content management teams have coordinated joint security releases to fix a new vulnerability. The flaw, first reported by security researcher Nir Goldshlager, is a potential denial-of-service (DoS) issue with PHP’s XML processing module. Drupal and WordPress use the same PHP module, which is why both content management […]

European Commission has cut this year’s fishing quotas for 10 member countries

The European Commission has cut this year’s fishing quotas for 10 member countries, to compensate for overfishing in 2013 as it seeks to regenerate Europe’s depleted fish stocks. The quota deductions will apply to the same stocks that were over-fished in 2013, such as haddock, mackerel and herring, with extra deductions made for consecutive over-fishing, […]

online shopping this year to prepare for the upcoming school year

Half of consumers plan to do more online shopping this year to prepare for the upcoming school year, AOL research shows. Consumers cite better prices, quicker shopping and avoiding crowds as reasons for shopping online. The school bells will be chiming shortly, and back-to-school shopping can be big business for retailers. The average family with school […]

Moscow imposed a one year ban on all meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables

Moscow banned imports of most food from the West on Thursday in retaliation against sanctions over Ukraine, a stronger than expected measure that isolates Russian consumers from world trade to a degree unseen since Soviet days. In eastern Ukraine, the Russian citizen who has led the rebel “Donetsk People’s Republic” stepped down in favour of […]

Lake Orumieh in northwestern Iran drying up

As a child, Mohammad Rahmanpour spent his summers swimming in Lake Orumieh in northwestern Iran – then the largest in the Middle East. In less than two decades, the saltwater lake has almost disappeared, leaving behind a hole in the ground. “My friends and I would go on the top of trees in our neighborhood. […]