Au bonheur des fautes

Titre : Au bonheur des fautes
Auteur : Muriel Gilbert
Éditeur : La Librairie Vuibert
ISBN-13 : 9782311102062
Libération : 2017-02-15

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Comme le chat aime les souris, moi, j’aime les fautes. Les attraper, c’est mon plaisir – et mon gagne-pain : je suis correctrice au journal Le Monde. Les fautes, elles sont partout car tout le monde en fait. Beaucoup sont drôles ou instructives, certaines sont belles comme des bijoux précieux. Avec ce livre, j’ai voulu vous ouvrir la porte du bureau des correcteurs, lieu mystérieux où l’on tutoie les dictionnaires et où l’on s’interroge sur la couleur des vaches, la différence entre une mitraillette et une mitrailleuse, les noms des fromages et les accords du participe passé. Mais je partage aussi mes trucs et astuces pour déceler les fautes en un clin d’oeil et vous verrez qu’à l’heure des logiciels de correction rien ne remplace un bon vieux stylo rouge... Muriel Gilbert nous transmet avec humour et érudition son amour de la langue et nous entraîne dans les coulisses d’un grand journal.

When in French

Titre : When in French
Auteur : Lauren Collins
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 9780698191075
Libération : 2016-09-13

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A language barrier is no match for love. Lauren Collins discovered this firsthand when, in her early thirties, she moved to London and fell for a Frenchman named Olivier—a surprising turn of events for someone who didn’t have a passport until she was in college. But what does it mean to love someone in a second language? Collins wonders, as her relationship with Olivier continues to grow entirely in English. Are there things she doesn’t understand about Olivier, having never spoken to him in his native tongue? Does “I love you” even mean the same thing as “je t’aime”? When the couple, newly married, relocates to Francophone Geneva, Collins—fearful of one day becoming "a Borat of a mother" who doesn’t understand her own kids—decides to answer her questions for herself by learning French. When in French is a laugh-out-loud funny and surprising memoir about the lengths we go to for love, as well as an exploration across culture and history into how we learn languages—and what they say about who we are. Collins grapples with the complexities of the French language, enduring excruciating role-playing games with her classmates at a Swiss language school and accidently telling her mother-in-law that she’s given birth to a coffee machine. In learning French, Collins must wrestle with the very nature of French identity and society—which, it turns out, is a far cry from life back home in North Carolina. Plumbing the mysterious depths of humanity’s many forms of language, Collins describes with great style and wicked humor the frustrations, embarrassments, surprises, and, finally, joys of learning—and living in—French. From the Hardcover edition.

L identit narrative

Titre : L identit narrative
Auteur : Muriel Gilbert
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 2830910192
Libération : 2001

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Muriel Gilbert propose ici de relayer le travail de Paul Ricœur dans le champ de la psychologie clinique et de la psychanalyse. Dans deux de ses ouvrages majeurs - Temps et récit et Soi-même comme un autre - le philosophe contemporain défend en effet progressivement la thèse d'une constitution narrative de l'identité personnelle. Dans cette perspective, les récits que les patients livrent parfois aux professionnels qu'ils consultent peuvent être compris comme autant de tentatives et d'efforts pour s'inscrire dans le temps. Or, abordée sous l'angle de la psychanalyse, la conception narrative de l'identité personnelle fait problème puisque c'est précisément à une identité tissée dans la trame de la perte et du manque que l'expérience de la cure nous confronte. Freud et ses successeurs ne nous ont-ils pas précisément appris à envisager la mémoire autobiographique à partir de son caractère par définition lacunaire ? Tout en cherchant à créer des liens entre la philosophie de Ricœur et la pratique, cet ouvrage propose une lecture critique de l'approche narrative de l'identité personnelle, critique menée à partir de l'hypothèse de l'inconscient ; il vaut également comme introduction générale à la pensée récente du grand philosophe.

Angels Burning

Titre : Angels Burning
Auteur : Tawni O'Dell
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781476755977
Libération : 2016-01-05

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“Compelling, fast-paced.” —Library Journal, starred review “Stellar.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review “A page-turner.” —Kirkus Reviews From the New York Times bestselling author of the Oprah Book Club pick Back Roads comes this fast-paced literary thriller about a small town police chief who’s forced to dig into her own shadowy past as she investigates the murder of a teenage girl. On the surface, Chief Dove Carnahan is a true trailblazer who would do anything to protect the rural Pennsylvanian countryside where she has lived all fifty of her years. Traditional and proud of her blue-collar sensibilities, Dove is loved by her community. But beneath her badge lies a dark and self-destructive streak, fed by a secret she has kept since she was sixteen. When a girl is beaten to death, her body tossed down a fiery sinkhole in an abandoned coal town, Dove is faced with solving the worst crime of her law enforcement career. She identifies the girl as a daughter of the Truly family, a notoriously irascible dynasty of rednecks and petty criminals. During her investigation, the man convicted of killing Dove’s mother years earlier is released from prison. Still proclaiming his innocence, he approaches Dove with a startling accusation and a chilling threat that forces her to face the parallels between her own family’s trauma and that of the Trulys. With countless accolades to her credit, author Tawni O’Dell writes with the “fearless insights” (The New York Times Book Review) she brought to the page in Back Roads and One of Us. In this new, masterfully told psychological thriller, the past and present collide to reveal the extent some will go to escape their fate, and in turn, the crimes committed to push them back to where they began.

The Sand Child

Titre : The Sand Child
Auteur : Tahar Ben Jelloun
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 0801864402
Libération : 2000-05-31

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"Ben Jelloun, a writer of much originality, succeeds brilliantly in infusing his story with a melancholy that attaches itself not just to Ahmed but also to the Arab world." -- Chicago Tribune

This Blinding Absence of Light

Titre : This Blinding Absence of Light
Auteur : Tahar Ben Jelloun
Éditeur : Penguin Group USA
ISBN-13 : 9780143035725
Libération : 2006-01

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The award-winning Moroccan-born author of The Sacred Night and Corruption provides a chilling fictional account of the horrific desert concentration camps in which King Hassan II of Morocco held his political enemies and the inhumane conditions in which survivors lived. Reprint.

The Diary of a Country Priest

Titre : The Diary of a Country Priest
Auteur : Georges Bernanos
Éditeur : Carroll & Graf Publishers
ISBN-13 : 0881840130
Libération : 1983

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A young priest in a rural French parish struggles with the indifference and hostility of the people, and his own self-doubts. He dies of cancer, but at peace.

Iris Grace

Titre : Iris Grace
Auteur : Arabella Carter-Johnson
Éditeur : Penguin UK
ISBN-13 : 9781405923651
Libération : 2016-02-25

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The astonishing tale of a little girl who was different, her cat and how they brought a family together. 'Different is brilliant . . .' Iris Grace is different. From the moment she was born she found the world a strange and terrifying place: she neither smiled nor spoke. The doctors couldn't help, telling her parents she might never be able to communicate - she'd never call them mummy or daddy. But then Iris met Thula. This special kitten and Iris became instant best friends. They did everything together - painting, playing, bathing, snuggling, sleeping, exploring. And then a miracle happened: Iris said her first words. The story of the amazing bond between Iris and Thula is a heartwarming tale of finding hope and happiness in the most unexpected places. Because different really is brilliant. *** 'Moving, honest and full of hope. Wonderful' Daily Mail, Books of the Year 'An astonishing talent' Daily Express 'A miracle' Best 'Astonishing, remarkable' ITV News 'Iris's astonishing tale of talent and relationship with Thula is lovingly told' Daily Mail

Virtual Private Networking

Titre : Virtual Private Networking
Auteur : Gilbert Held
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 0470020334
Libération : 2005-01-28

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This book provides network managers, LAN administrators and small business operators with all they need to know to "interconnect" multiple locations or travelling employees that need to access a single location. The operation and utilization of virtual private networks is discussed both in theory and practicality, covering the technical aspects associated with encryption and digital certificates as well as the manner by which readers can create VPNs using readily available products from Microsoft, Cisco, Checkpoint and possibly other vendors. The author was among the first to write about the concept of virtual private networking in a series of articles published over five years ago, and in the intervening years this has become a very hot topic - with the technology being increasing deployed by companies. Virtual Private Networking, by Gilbert Held, covers the technology and the theory, but also shows readers, through numerous examples, 'how to use ' the technology.

The Golden Droplet

Titre : The Golden Droplet
Auteur : Michel Tournier
Éditeur : Doubleday
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015012432152
Libération : 1987

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A modern fable about a fourteen-year-old Berber shepherd who is drawn away from his Sahara oasis when a French tourist takes his photograph. The young shepherd plans a route to Paris in search of the photograph and the beautiful blonde who took it.