Islam and the West

Titre : Islam and the West
Auteur : Anwar G. Chejne
Éditeur : SUNY Press
ISBN-13 : 0873956060
Libération : 1983

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Shortly after the conquest of Granada in 1492 by the Catholic kings, Muslim subjects in Spain became known derogatorily as Moriscos, Moros, Muhammadans, Hagarans, and Saracens, despite the fact that they were forced to accept the sacrament of baptism. They were relegated to the margin of Christian society, considered aliens in their own land, and subjected to strictures and persecution. In turn, the Moriscos developed their own attitude, which they expressed in an extensive literature in Alijamiado, their Spanish dialect written in Arabic script. This literature was for the most part inspired by Arabic models reiterating Islamic values through the vehicles of history, legends, epic tales, stories, wisdom sayings, and sorcery. Written mostly during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Aljamiado literature is significant for the study of cultural change. Islam and the West: The Moriscos is the first comprehensive study of this long-neglected subject. Chejne surveys and analyzes the self-expression of the Moriscos and assesses their status as a minority struggling for survival, placing them in the social context of ideological conflict, the clash of religions and cultures, and differing perceptions. This book provides a more complete picture of the literatures and cultures of medieval Spain.

The X rated Bible

Titre : The X rated Bible
Auteur : Ben Edward Akerley
Éditeur : Amer Atheist Press
ISBN-13 : 0910309191
Libération : 1985

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Incest, rape, adultery, exhibitionism, prostitution, homosexuality, abortion, mate swapping, bestiality -- it's all there in the book held sacred by three of the world's major religions. Originally published to reveal the hypocrisy of fundamentalists' attempts to censor and suppress the kind of material found throughout their own scriptures, The X-Rated Bible quickly became the American Atheist Press's most notorious and best-selling book. It garnered media attention due to its title, subject matter (with chapters like "Lot Knocks Up Both His Daughters," and "Noah Gets Drunk and Exposes Himself"), and association with publisher Madalyn Murray O'Hair, famous atheist and publicity hound. This redesigned, corrected, and expanded edition will reintroduce the controversial publication that unblushingly confronts the dirty parts of the Holy Bible.

Advances in Understanding Strategic Behaviour

Titre : Advances in Understanding Strategic Behaviour
Auteur : S. Huck
Éditeur : Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN-13 : 1403941521
Libération : 2004-10-29

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This volume contains sixteen original articles documenting recent progress in understanding strategic behaviour. In their variety they reflect an entire spectrum of coexisting approaches: from orthodox game theory via behavioural game theory, bounded rationality and economic psychology to experimental economics. There are plenty of new models and insights but the book also illustrates the boundaries of what we know today and explains the frontiers of tomorrow. The articles were written in honour of Werner Güth.

The Awakening of Osiris and the Transit of the Solar Barques

Titre : The Awakening of Osiris and the Transit of the Solar Barques
Auteur : Joshua Aaron Roberson
Éditeur : Ruprecht Gmbh & Company
ISBN-13 : 3525543875
Libération : 2013

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Among the many scenes and texts that occur for the first time in the Nineteenth Dynasty cenotaph of Seti I at Abydos is a representation of the awakening of Osiris by Horus, which appears directly beneath a vignette depicting the transit of the solar barques. The annotations to this bi-partite tableau appear in a mixture of standard, hieroglyphic Egyptian and cryptographic scripts. Similar groups of scenes and texts occur in the Twentieth Dynasty royal tombs of Ramesses VI (KV9) and Ramesses IX (KV6), the Twenty-Second Dynasty tomb of Sheshonq III at Tanis (NRT5), and the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty private tomb of Mutirdis at Thebes (TT410). In addition, significant, albeit partial parallels occur on the re-carved, Twenty-Second Dynasty sarcophagus of Psusennes and a Ptolemaic sarcophagus inscribed for a certain Khaf. This study offers a summary of the scenes iconography together with the first synoptic edition of the relevant annotations, taking into account all currently published exemplars. Many of the cryptographic texts are translated here for the first time, while others receive updated translations and expanded analyses. The author also considers the meaning and context of the paired scenes in royal and private monuments, in order to demonstrate the status of the bi-partite tableau as a unified composition. This composition is identified as a concise representative of the cosmological genre referred to usually as the Books of the Underworld and Sky.

International Handbook of Anger

Titre : International Handbook of Anger
Auteur : Michael Potegal
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 0387896767
Libération : 2010-02-04

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Book covers a broader range of topics than other books in this area. Notably, extensive coverage of the neurobiology of anger in context of psychology and sociology is unique. Book provides broad, integrative coverage while avoiding unnecessary duplication. Contributors have read each others’ chapters and there is extensive cross-referencing from chapter to chapter. Book contains a guide to content and organization of chapters and topics, along with interpolated commentary at the end of each section.

Returning to the Teachings

Titre : Returning to the Teachings
Auteur : Rupert Ross
Éditeur : Penguin Global
ISBN-13 : 0143055593
Libération : 2006

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In his bestselling book Dancing with a Ghost, Rupert Ross began his exploration of Aboriginal approaches to justice and the visions of life that shape them. Returning to the Teachings takes this exploration further still. During a three-year secondment with Justice Canada, Ross travelled from the Yukon to Cape Breton Island, examining—and experiencing—the widespread Aboriginal preference for “peacemaker justice.” In this remarkable book, he invites us to accompany him as he moves past the pain and suffering that grip so many communities and into the exceptional promise of individual, family and community healing that traditional teachings are now restoring to Aboriginal Canada. He shares his confusion, frustrations and delights as Elders and other teachers guide him, in their unique and often puzzling ways, into ancient visions of Creation and our role with it. Returning to the Teachings is about Aboriginal justice and much more, speaking not only to our minds, but also to our hearts and spirits. Above all, it stands as a search for the values and visions that give life its significance and that any justice system, Aboriginal or otherwise, must serve and respect.

The Martyrology

Titre : The Martyrology
Auteur : B. P. Nichol
Éditeur : Coach House Books
ISBN-13 : 0889102511
Libération : 1982

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Poetry. ." my notion of my relationship to the sacred, to some sense of goodness, of the beyond, otherness in that sense, has all the elements of 'pataphysics' - which is to say, the way I think of 'pataphysics' is that very often you climb a fictional staircase that you know is fictional; you walk up every imaginary stair, you get to your imaginary window and you open your imaginary window, and there is the real world" -bpNichol, 1983.

Batman Ego and Other Tails Deluxe Edition

Titre : Batman Ego and Other Tails Deluxe Edition
Auteur : Darwyn Cooke
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1401272398
Libération : 2017

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"Harley Quinn created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm"