Dark romance

Titre : Dark romance
Auteur : Penelope Douglas
Éditeur : Harlequin
ISBN-13 : 9782280376600
Libération : 2017-02-08

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« Je l’ai lu deux fois – d’affilée... C’est la plus profonde, la plus sombre et la plus excitante aventure dans laquelle j’ai jamais été entrainée. » - Jay Crownover, auteur des series Bad et Marked Men Le grand début de la dark romance en France. Personne n'explore aussi bien la frontière entre la destruction et l'amour que Penelope Douglas. Un nom à retenir. Leur amour peut les sauver... ou les détruire. Michael Crist. Un nom qui fait frissonner chaque fille de notre petite communauté privilégiée de la côte Est. Moi comme les autres. Sauf que moi, ce n’est pas sa beauté à couper le souffle ou le fait qu’il soit riche et adulé qui me fascine – enfin, pas seulement. Non, moi, c’est la noirceur que je devine sous sa carapace dorée. La violence dans son regard noisette. Son mépris pour les règles, les lois, la morale. Ce miroir permanent de tout ce qui est noir et sombre au fond de moi. En dix-neuf ans, Michael ne m’a jamais jeté un regard. Mais, le jour où il s’intéresse à moi, je ne sais pas si je dois être excitée... ou terrifiée. « Dark Romance est un chef d’œuvre. Penelope Douglas vous embarque vers les recoins les plus sombres de l’âme où peur et désir se mêlent. Captivant, intense et sexy, ce roman vous laissera étourdi... » - Helena Hunting, auteur de Bad Boy "Bref, si vous ne devenez retenir qu'une chose de ce roman, c'est...lancez vous. Bougez les lignes. Changez les codes. Osez. Car oui c'est aussi un roman sur la provocation et sur l'accomplissement. Oubliez la frontière entre le bien et le mal...finalement, elle est floue." Emily Blaine. "Dark Romance porte bien son nom, j'ai été transporté, happé, j'ai retenu mon souffle, j'ai été scotché par tout ce qui se passe pour tous les protagonistes. Un roman qui m'a pris aux tripes et dont l'histoire restera gravée dans ma mémoire longtemps, je ne peux que vous l'a conseillez." BlogJewelrybyaly A propos de l'auteur: Après avoir passé son adolescence à essayer de faire plaisir à tout le monde, Penelope Douglas a un jour décidé de faire ce qu’elle voulait, elle. Elle a traversé le Japon en train, sauté du haut d’une cascade et commencé à écrire des romances intenses et passionnées, à son image. Comme elle, ses héros brisent les règles, affrontent leurs peurs et leur part d’ombre. Et c’est sous le soleil de Las Vegas, entourée de son mari et de sa fille, qu’elle travaille tous les jours à trouver l’équilibre parfait entre émotion et drame, sexe et danger, amour et haine. Une révélation New Adult.

My Favorite Mistake

Titre : My Favorite Mistake
Auteur : Chelsea M. Cameron
Éditeur : HQN Books
ISBN-13 : 9780373778294
Libération : 2013-08-27

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Afraid of getting her heart broken, Taylor Caldwell is intent on getting rid of new roommate Hunter Zaccadelli before she falls in love with him, but her determination gives way to desire as they begin to share secrets and romance.


Titre : Aflame
Auteur : Penelope Douglas
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 9780698403871
Libération : 2015-04-21

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From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Bully, Until You, Rival, and Falling Away comes the sizzling conclusion to the Fall Away series. The tables have turned. Now I have the power—and it’s his turn to beg… Everyone wants to be me. Maybe it’s the sway of my skirt or the way I flip my hair, but I don’t care. Even though their attention is the last thing I crave, I just can’t stop. I dominate the track, the speed rattles my bones, and the wind and the crowd screams my name. I’m her. The girl driver. The queen of the race. And I’m surviving—something he thought I’d never do. They all talk about him. Did you see Jared Trent on T.V? What did you think of his last race, Tate? When is he coming back to town, Tate? But I refuse to care too much. Because when Jared does come home, I won’t be here. Tatum Brandt is gone. I’m someone new.

Big Rock

Titre : Big Rock
Auteur : Lauren Blakely
Éditeur : Lauren Blakely Books
ISBN-13 :
Libération : 2016-01-06

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It's not just the motion of the ocean, ladies. It's definitely the SIZE of the boat too. And I've got both firing on all cylinders. In fact, I have ALL the right assets. Looks, brains, my own money, and a big you-know-what. You might think I'm jerk. I sound like one, don’t I? I'm hot as sin, rich as heaven, smart as hell and hung like a horse. Guess what? You haven't heard my story before. Sure, I might be a playboy, like the NY gossip rags call me. But I’m the playboy who’s actually a great guy. Which makes me one of a kind. The only trouble is, my dad needs me to cool it for a bit. With conservative investors in town wanting to buy his flagship Fifth Avenue jewelry store, he needs me not only to zip it up, but to look the part of the committed guy. Fine. I can do this for Dad. After all, I’ve got him to thank for the family jewels. So I ask my best friend and business partner to be my fiancée for the next week. Charlotte’s up for it. She has her own reasons for saying yes to wearing this big rock. And pretty soon all this playing pretend in public leads to no pretending whatsoever in the bedroom, because she just can’t fake the kind of toe-curling, window-shattering cries she makes as I take her to new heights between the sheets. But I can’t seem to fake that I might be feeling something real for her. What the hell have I gotten myself into with this…big rock? BIG ROCK is a standalone romance novel written from the guy’s POV by NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely…


Titre : Forbidden
Auteur : Tabitha Suzuma
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 144242754X
Libération : 2011-06-28

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A shocking, heartbreaking story of taboo romance that’s as compelling as it is controversial. Seventeen-year-old Lochan and sixteen-year-old Maya have always felt more like friends than siblings. Together they have stepped in for their alcoholic, wayward mother to take care of their three younger siblings. As de facto parents to the little ones, Lochan and Maya have had to grow up fast. And the stress of their lives—and the way they understand each other so completely—has also brought them closer than two siblings would ordinarily be. So close, in fact, that they have fallen in love. Their clandestine romance quickly blooms into deep, desperate love. They know their relationship is wrong and cannot possibly continue. And yet, they cannot stop what feels so incredibly right. As the novel careens toward an explosive and shocking finale, only one thing is certain: A love this devastating has no happy ending.


Titre : Bastard
Auteur : J. L. Perry
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0733635822
Libération : 2016-07-12

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My name is Carter Reynolds. I was born a bastard and I'll die a bastard. I learnt it at a young age, and nothing and nobody can change that. I'm on a one-way path of destruction, and God help anyone who gets in my way. That's until I meet the kid next door, Indi-freakin'-ana. My dislike for her is instant. From the moment I lay eyes on her, she ignites something within me. It freaks me the hell out. She's like sunshine and rainbows in my world of gloom and doom.I'm Indiana Montgomery. My friends call me Indi. Despite losing my mum at the age of six, I have a wonderful life. My dad more than makes up for the fact that I only have one parent. I'm his little girl, the centre of his world. When Carter Reynolds moves in next door, things take a turn for the worse. He's gorgeous,sinfully hot, but he seems hell-bent on making my life miserable. He acts tough, but when I look into his eyes I don't see it. I see hurt and pain. I'm drawn to him for some reason. Whether he likes it or not, I refuse to give up on him.Spanning eight years, this is the love story of Carter and Indiana, by Australia's favourite new romance author, J.L. Perry.

The Air He Breathes

Titre : The Air He Breathes
Auteur : Brittainy C. Cherry
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 151738799X
Libération : 2015-10-30

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I was warned about Tristan Cole. "Stay away from him," people said. "He's cruel." "He's cold." "He's damaged." It's easy to judge a man because of his past. To look at Tristan and see a monster. But I couldn't do that. I had to accept the wreckage that lived inside of him because it also lived inside of me. We were both empty. We were both looking for something else. Something more. We both wanted to put together the shattered pieces of our yesterdays. Then perhaps we could finally remember how to breathe.

The Paper Bag Christmas

Titre : The Paper Bag Christmas
Auteur : Kevin Alan Milne
Éditeur : Center Street
ISBN-13 : 1599951827
Libération : 2008-10-29

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Dr. Christopher Ringle is the last person you'd expect to find moonlighting as Santa Claus at the mall on the day after Thanksgiving. But it is there that he meets a young man named Molar Alan, who desperately needs a new perspective on the underlying value of Christmas. Dr. Ringle recruits Mo and his older brother as volunteers at a nearby children's hospital for the holiday season. At the hospital, Mo is tasked to help bring holiday cheer to the young cancer patients on the fifth floor. His biggest challenge is befriending a decidedly angry girl who is so embarrassed by her scarred appearance that she hides her face behind the safety of a paper bag. Almost in spite of himself, Mo finds that Christmas joy emanates from a source far greater than the North Pole, while the young girl learns that she is more beautiful than she had ever imagined.

Elijah in Jerusalem

Titre : Elijah in Jerusalem
Auteur : Michael D. O'Brien
Éditeur : Ignatius Press
ISBN-13 : 9781586179465
Libération : 2015-10-05

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Elijah in Jerusalem, the long awaited sequel to the acclaimed best-selling novel, Father Elijah: An Apocalypse , is the continuing story of the priest, Fr. Elijah. A convert from Judaism, and a survivor of the Holocaust, he has for decades been a Carmelite monk on the mountain of the prophet Elijah. In the events of the preceding novel, Father Elijah, the central character confronted the President of the European Union, a man rising toward global control as President of the soon to be realized World Government. The Pope recognized in the President certain qualities that are anti-Christ, and asked Fr. Elijah to call the man to repentance, though his attempts at this prove to be unsuccessful. In this sequel, now-Bishop Elijah, accompanied by his fellow monk Brother Enoch, enter Jerusalem just as the President arrives in the city to inaugurate a new stage of his rise to power. They hope to unmask him as the Antichrist prophesied by Scripture and to warn the world of the imminent spiritual danger to mankind. As the story unfolds, people of many kinds meet the undercover priest, and in the process their souls are revealed and tested, bringing about change for the good or for evil. Elijah perseveres in his mission even when all seems lost. The dramatic climax is surprising, yet it underlines that God works all things to the good for those who love Him, testifying to the truth that in the end Wisdom will be justified and Satan confounded.

The Next Flame

Titre : The Next Flame
Auteur : Penelope Douglas
Éditeur : Penguin
ISBN-13 : 9780399584947
Libération : 2017-05-02

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Together in one volume for the first time, New York Times bestseller Penelope Douglas’s two bestselling novellas in the Fall Away Series, full of intense emotion and smoking-hot passion... Aflame Tatum Brandt finally has everything she wants. Acceptance to medical school, a circle of friends she would never replace, and contentment that every day is now hers. All through high school, Jared Trent called the shots. He decided if she would be happy or sad, fearful or free. He owned her heart, and he played with it like one of his cars. Never again. Two years ago, Jared left town, and Tate’s life is exactly where she wants it to be. Or that’s what she tells herself… Because two years ago, her heart also stopped beating, and no matter the success in school or the support of her friends, there’s only one time every week she can feel that same rush in her blood: Friday nights on the track. That’s hers, not his, and to hell with anyone that gets in her way again. Especially him. Next to Never Under the close watch of the men in her family, Quinn Caruthers has found it nearly impossible to spread her wings—or even date—without her three older brothers, Jared, Madoc, and Jaxon, jumping in to hover. And when a family friend—several years older—from her childhood still holds her heart, she knows they’re going to be a problem. Lucas Morrow is a man, and knowing her brothers, he may as well be forbidden. But years ago, Lucas left town and shows no signs of returning. Quinn knows she shouldn’t wait for him anymore. Until a package turns up on her doorstep with no return address and its contents reveal family secrets that threaten to turn her world upside down. She’s never asked about the path of her parents’ romantic history, but she soon learns their happy marriage had a very rocky and passionate start. As she starts to see things around her with new eyes, Quinn will have to make tough choices about whether she’ll keep waiting…or finally go after what she really wants.