European Case Law on Infringements Intpb

Titre : European Case Law on Infringements Intpb
Auteur : VIVANT
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 2802751530
Libération : 2016-05-15

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European Intellectual Property Law

Titre : European Intellectual Property Law
Auteur : Annette Kur
Éditeur : Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781781953648
Libération : 2013-01-01

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'This clearly-written and comprehensive text, by two leading scholars of European intellectual property law, is extremely adaptable. It is a perfect platform for classroom teaching, and is also a fine resource for those researching in what is becoming an increasingly complex field.' – Graeme B. Dinwoodie, University of Oxford, UK 'This hybrid volume, part commentary, part primary sources, with questions to stimulate further thinking, serves both as a teaching tool and as a manual for lawyers who seek a comprehensive overview of EU intellectual property law. The book aims at a generalist legal audience, with very a helpful précis of international law, including the major multilateral treaties, as well as a summary of the EU legal framework that non-Europeans will find highly useful. The authors explore the full range of traditional and emerging IP rights. They also provide in-depth analysis of remedies and of the international private law issues that increasingly arise in contemporary complex IP litigation.' – Jane Ginsburg, Columbia Law School, US The first of its kind, this textbook has been carefully designed to give students and non-specialist practitioners a clear understanding of the fundamentals of European intellectual property law. Providing a comprehensive overview of both community IP rights, and areas of IP law that have been harmonised, and supported by judicious use of extracts from the most significant source material, the book assists the reader in navigating through the increasingly complex European IP system. European Intellectual Property Law deals with European patent, trade mark and copyright law copyright, as well as with adjacent areas such as protection of plant varieties, geographical indications, industrial design, competition law, enforcement, and private international law, with a focus on the most relevant case law to be found in those areas. Key Features: • Written by two of the leading authorities in European IP law • Concise and readable style • Extracts from key source material • Questions designed to stimulate thinking around legal problems • Coverage of related areas adjacent to IP • Offers an overview on international IP protection and the interrelation between European law and IP law in general. This detailed book is designed for all courses on European intellectual property, whether basic or advanced, as well as for practitioners looking for a comprehensive and concise overview on the structure and content of European IP law.

Landmark Intellectual Property Cases and Their Legacy

Titre : Landmark Intellectual Property Cases and Their Legacy
Auteur : Christopher Heath
Éditeur : Kluwer Law International
ISBN-13 : 9789041133434
Libération : 2011

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This is a book dedicated to the significance and legacy of landmark cases in the field of intellectual property. Eleven well-known scholars offer in-depth commentary and analysis of cases that have made an impact on legal theory or critical thinking about the scope and purpose of the protection of intellectual and industrial creativity. All the cases covered have proven useful in developing doctrine, even though subsequent developments have made some appear and‘misleadingand’ rather than and‘leadingand’, and for some recent cases it is too early to say whether their approach will become mainstream. Among the fundamental questions and– all profoundly interesting, and to which no definite answers have yet been found and– arising in the course of the analysis are the following: and• Who should be master over the reputation, esteem and legacy of authors and their works and– authors and their heirs, or subsequent copyright owners? and• What, if any, protection should be granted to achievements in the absence of confusion? and• Should prevention of unfair competition allow one to and‘reap what one has not sownand’? and• Should we protect commercial investment beyond the scope of defined intellectual property rights? and• Should it be considered a tort to use a well-known mark in a way that may dilute its repute and distinctive character? and• What kinds of monopolies should be protected, if any? and• Does the patent system in its current form allow us to question the assumption that technological progress is good per se, and that novel and inventive solutions should thus be protected? and• Should extraneous considerations such as public good and social usefulness be considered at the stages of grant and enforcement of patent rights? and• Should we grant patents over living organisms whose workings and reproduction are a long way from being completely understood? and• Should the rules developed for the enforcement of property rights limit a patenteeand’s remedies to appropriate damages, thereby effectively granting a compulsory licence? The book concludes with an analysis of two case clusters remarkable for the worldwide dimension of the dispute. The authors show how litigation over Lego in about 30 jurisdictions and Budweiser in over 40 jurisdictions has enriched doctrine on such issues as contract, trade marks, trade names, geographical indications, property rights in general, human rights, and various international and bilateral treaties, all as they impinge on the protection of intellectual property rights. For scholars in the field, as well as for lawyers seeking a rich vein of doctrine to buttress a case, this unusual book will be of incomparable value. As a masterful clarification of salient doctrine, it represents a major contribution to the legal theory underpinning intellectual property law.

EU Intellectual Property Law and Policy

Titre : EU Intellectual Property Law and Policy
Auteur : The late Catherine Seville
Éditeur : Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781781003480
Libération : 2016-09-28

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This fully updated book offers a compact and accessible account of EU intellectual property (IP) law and policy. The digital age brings many opportunities, but also presents continuing challenges to IP law as the EU’s programme of harmonisation unfolds. As well as addressing the main IP rights (copyright, patents, designs, trade marks and related rights), the book also considers IP’s relationship with the EU’s rules on free movement of goods and competition, as well as examining the enforcement of IP rights. Taking account of numerous changes, this timely second edition covers the substantive provisions and procedures which apply throughout the EU, making extensive reference to the case law. The author considers how the exploitation of IP is increasingly global; harmonisation, in contrast, is only partial, even at the EU level. In response, the book sets EU IP law in its wider international context. It also seeks to highlight policy issues and arguments of relevance to the EU, in its relations both within the Union and with the rest of the world. Designed as a compact and approachable account of these difficult and technical areas, and with advice on further reading and research, this unique book is useful both as a work of reference and for more general study. It is essential reading for postgraduate students, academic researchers and legal practitioners alike.

Intellectual Property Law

Titre : Intellectual Property Law
Auteur : Tanya Aplin
Éditeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780198743545
Libération : 2017-01-05

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This book combines extracts from major cases and secondary materials with critical commentary to provide a complete resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students of intellectual property law. All areas of intellectual property law in the UK are covered: copyright, trademarks and passing off, confidential information, industrial designs, patent, procedure and enforcement. This book also tackles topical areas, such as the application of intellectual property law to new technologies and character merchandising. While the focus of the book is on intellectual property law in a domestic context, it provides international, EU and comparative law perspectives on major issues. It also addresses the wider policy implications of legislative and judicial developments in the area.

Constructing European Intellectual Property

Titre : Constructing European Intellectual Property
Auteur : Christophe Geiger
Éditeur : Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781781001646
Libération : 2013

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'It is no longer possible to practice, teach, or study purely domestic intellectual property law within Europe. European intellectual property norms now structure protection throughout the continent (and even beyond). Paradoxically, what might seem as a simplification of legal rules has created a maze of new complexities substantive, institutional and methodological. This collection by some of the leading scholars in European IP manages to capture that complexity without sacrificing clarity. Canvassing the entire field with a rich array of contributions, the book both highlights the roots of European IP law and asks important fundamental questions about where it is going. One can only hope that it is read by anyone with a hand in the future development of European IP law.' Graeme B. Dinwoodie, University of Oxford, UK 'Christophe Geiger has put together a very fine collection of essays by many of the very best scholars in European intellectual property law. The essays explore the basis, extent, as well as the successes and failings of regional harmonization of trade marks, geographical indications, copyright, designs, patents and remedies. The celebrated cast of authors naturally discuss, in addition to the various directives and regulations on each topic, the Treaty provisions on exhaustion of rights and competition (and their interpretation), relevant provisions on legislative competence, Article 17(2) of the Charter, other fundamental rights, and the growing case law of the Court of Justice. There is essential material here for anyone interested in European intellectual property law, as well as ideas for the improvement and further development of European IP law.' Lionel Bently, University of Cambridge, UK Constructing European Intellectual Property offers a comprehensive assessment of the current state of intellectual property legislation in Europe and gives direction on how an improved system might be achieved. This detailed study presents various perspectives on what further actions are necessary to provide the circumstances and tools for the construction of a truly balanced European intellectual property system. The book takes as its starting point that the ultimate aim of such a system should be to ensure sustainable and innovation-based economic growth while enhancing free circulation of ideas and cultural expressions. Being the first in the European Intellectual Property Institutes Network (EIPIN) series, this book lays down some concrete foundations for a deeper understanding of European intellectual property law and its complex interplay with other fields of jurisprudence as well as its impact on a broad array of spheres of social interaction. In so doing, it provides a well needed platform for further research. Academics, policymakers, lawyers and many others concerned with establishment of a regulatory framework for intangibles in the EU will benefit from the extensive and thoughtful discussion presented in this work.

Public and Private Enforcement of Competition Law in Europe

Titre : Public and Private Enforcement of Competition Law in Europe
Auteur : Kai Hüschelrath
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9783662439753
Libération : 2014-08-01

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Over the past fifteen years, the optimal enforcement of EU competition law has become a major concern. This book contains a unique collection of articles by lawyers and economists on current issues in the public and private enforcement of competition law. Public enforcement has been strengthened in numerous ways – for example, through the introduction of a leniency programme and a substantial increase in fines for competition law violations. At the same time the EU Commission has been promoting private enforcement – for example, by developing a legal framework that grants victims of EU antitrust law infringements access to compensation. The contributions in this book address a range of topics in the area of competition law enforcement, including the role of fines and leniency programmes in public enforcement; access to evidence and the quantification of damages in private enforcement; and the interaction between public and private enforcement of competition law in Europe.

International Intellectual Property in an Integrated World Economy

Titre : International Intellectual Property in an Integrated World Economy
Auteur : Frederick Abbott
Éditeur : Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN-13 : 9781454858935
Libération : 2015-01-30

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International Intellectual Property in an Integrated World Economy features a comprehensive introduction to the global system regulating the field of intellectual property rights, including how the treatment of IP may affect a broad range of social and political interests. The updated third edition includes discussion of important jurisprudential developments, including recent EU Court of Justice decisions clarifying permissible acts in relation to copyrighted computer software, Indian Supreme Court case law involving patentability standards, and US Supreme Court decisions adopting international exhaustion for copyright. Key New Features Inclusion of important jurisprudential developments, including recent EU Court of Justice decisions clarifying permissible acts in relation to copyrighted computer software and restricting enforcement of intellectual property rights in relation to goods in transit; Indian Supreme Court case law involving patentability standards, and; US Supreme Court decisions adopting international exhaustion for copyright, and limiting patentability of genetic materials and information found in nature. Explains the new European Union Patent System, as well as the new EU IP border measures regulation Describes developments relating to investment and trade disputes involving patents and trademark Reviews ongoing regional and plurilateral trade and investment negotiation

Intellectual Property and Private International Law

Titre : Intellectual Property and Private International Law
Auteur : Toshiyuki Kono
Éditeur : Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781847319708
Libération : 2012-06-29

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'Intellectual property and private international law' was one of the subjects discussed at the 18th International Congress of Comparative Law held in Washington (July 2010). This volume contains the General Report and 20 National Reports covering Canada, US, Japan, Korea, India and a number of European countries (Austria, France, Germany, UK, Spain etc). The General Report was prepared on the basis of National Reports. The national reporters not only describe the existing legal framework, but also provide answers for up to 12 hypothetical cases concerning international jurisdiction, choice-of-law and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in multi-state IP disputes. Based on their answers the main differences between legal systems as well as the shortcomings of the cross-border enforcement of IP rights are outlined in the General Report. The Reports in this volume analyse relevant court decisions as well as recent legislative proposals (such as the ALI, CLIP, Transparency, Waseda and Korean Principles). This book is therefore a significant contribution to the existing debate in the field and will be a valuable source of reference in shaping future developments in the cross-border enforcement of IP rights in a global context.

EU Copyright Law

Titre : EU Copyright Law
Auteur : Irini Stamatoudi
Éditeur : Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781781952436
Libération : 2014-05-30

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EU Copyright Law is a seminal commentary work from a team of leading experts in the field combining aspects of theory and practice and placing copyright in perspective. It will be an indispensable reference tool for academics, researchers, practitioner