Jolly s Diseases of Children

Titre : Jolly s Diseases of Children
Auteur : Hugh Jolly
Éditeur : Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN-13 : 0632027231
Libération : 1991

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Hugh Jolly A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Jolly s Diseases of Children Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

When the Impossible Happens

Titre : When the Impossible Happens
Auteur : Stanislav Grof
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 9781458742933
Libération : 2009-11-24

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Feelings of oneness with others, nature, and the universe. Encounters with extraterrestrials, deities, and demons. Out-of-body experiences and past-life memories. Science casts a skeptical eye. But Dr. Stanislav Grof - the psychiatric researcher who co-founded transpersonal psychology - believes otherwise. When the Impossible Happens presents Dr. Grof's mesmerizing firsthand account of his fifty-year inquiry into waters uncharted by conventional psychology, an odyssey that will leave you questioning the very fabric of your existence. From the first LSD session that gave Dr. Grof a glimpse of cosmic consciousness to his latest work with Holotropic Breathwork, When the Impossible Happens explores fascinating experiments in astral projection; remarkable tales of synchronicity; memories of birth and prenatal life; the survival of consciousness after death, and much more. Here is an incredible opportunity to journey beyond ordinary consciousness - guaranteed to shake the foundations of what we assume to be reality - and sure to offer a new vision of our human potential, as we contemplate When the Impossible Happens. STANISLAV GROF, M.D., PH.D. One of the founders and chief theoreticians of transpersonal psychology, Dr. Grof is the president of the International Transpersonal Association, and a professor of psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies and the Pacifica Graduate Institute. His numerous books include Beyond the Brain and Psychology of the Future.

Primal Health understanding the critical period between conception and the first birthday

Titre : Primal Health understanding the critical period between conception and the first birthday
Auteur : Michel Odent
ISBN-13 : 1905570082
Libération : 2007-03-01

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Michel Odent, the leading pioneer for natural childbirth, indicates that the period between conception and a child's first birthday is critical to lifelong health. In this prophetic book, first published in 1986, He argues that different parts of the "primal adaptive system" develop, regulate and adjust themselves during fetal life and the time around birth and infancy. Everything that happens during this period of dependence on the mother has an influence on this primal health. He suggests that the later well-being of adults, and their ability to withstand hypertension, cancer, alcoholism and failures of the immune system resulting in AIDS, allergies and viral diseases, can all be traced back to society's ignorance of the vital importance of the primal period.

Angelica Yoga

Titre : Angelica Yoga
Auteur : Kaya Muller
Éditeur : Universe/City Mikael Pub
ISBN-13 : 2923097637
Libération : 2010

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For all those seeking the perfect marriage between spirit and matter, ANGELICA YOGA, Introduction is an exceptional work. It offers a new vision of yoga that corresponds to Western lifestyle. Based on developing receptivity in action, its daily practice allows us to develop and integrate qualities, virtues and powers in their purest state. This book presents 21 exercises that allow us to deepen the work with The Traditional Study of Angels. Angelica Yoga favors the opening of the world of dreams, parallel worlds and symbolic language. Its preface by Doctor François Bouchard is a testimony to the art of healing.

Extra Cranial Applications of Diffusion Weighted MRI

Titre : Extra Cranial Applications of Diffusion Weighted MRI
Auteur : Bachir Taouli
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 9781139492799
Libération : 2010-10-21

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Continuous improvement in MRI technology in recent years has led to the application of diffusion-weighted MR imaging in organ systems outside the brain. Extra-Cranial Applications of Diffusion-Weighted MRI provides an extensive review of current and future applications of this imaging modality by world-renowned experts. Organized by organ system, each chapter is highly illustrated, offering a balance of protocols, illustrations and principles of image interpretation. An initial chapter provides an overview of relevant physics and other technical details, followed by detailed chapters on all major body systems including liver, kidney, prostate, breast and spine. A final chapter discusses assessment of therapy response. Written and edited by leading DW-MRI experts worldwide, Extra-Cranial Applications of Diffusion-Weighted MRI is an invaluable resource for radiology trainees, practising radiologists and for researchers in a wide variety of disciplines.

The Multiple Child

Titre : The Multiple Child
Auteur : Andrée Chedid
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 156279079X
Libération : 1995

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Omar-Jo is sent to Paris to live with relatives after his parents are killed in a car bombing in Lebanon, and he makes a new life for himself with a collection of misfits.