Beyond Hofstede

Titre : Beyond Hofstede
Auteur : Cheryl Nakata
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9780230240834
Libération : 2009-07-16

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Hofstede introduced a culture paradigm that has been widely influential in international business. However, its relevance in light of culture's increasing complexity due to globalization has been questioned. Alternative culture frameworks and perspectives are offered by leading scholars in global marketing and management.

Visual Informatics Sustaining Research and Innovations

Titre : Visual Informatics Sustaining Research and Innovations
Auteur : Halimah Badioze Zaman
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 9783642251993
Libération : 2011-10-28

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The two-volume set LNCS 7066 and LNCS 7067 constitutes the proceedings of the Second International Visual Informatics Conference, IVIC 2011, held in Selangor, Malaysia, during November 9-11, 2011. The 71 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in these proceedings. They are organized in topical sections named computer vision and simulation; virtual image processing and engineering; visual computing; and visualisation and social computing. In addition the first volume contains two keynote speeches in full paper length, and one keynote abstract.

The Onion Book of Known Knowledge

Titre : The Onion Book of Known Knowledge
Auteur : The Onion
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0316216917
Libération : 2014

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Are you a witless cretin with no reason to live' Would you like to know more about every piece of knowledge ever' Do you have cash' Then congratulations, because just in time for the death of the print industry as we know it comes the final book ever published, and the only one you will ever need: The Onion's compendium of all things known. Replete with an astonishing assemblage of facts, illustrations, maps, charts, threats, blood, and additional fees to edify even the most simple-minded book-buyer, THE ONION BOOK OF KNOWN KNOWLEDGE is packed with valuable information-such as the life stages of an Aunt; places to kill one's self in Utica, New York; and the dimensions of a female bucket, or "pail." With hundreds of entries for all 27 letters of the alphabet, THE ONION BOOK OF KNOWN KNOWLEDGE must be purchased immediately to avoid the sting of eternal ignorance.

Rising to the Challenge

Titre : Rising to the Challenge
Auteur : Committee on Comparative National Innovation Policies: Best Practice for the 21st Century
Éditeur : National Academies Press
ISBN-13 : 9780309255516
Libération : 2012-07-06

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America's position as the source of much of the world's global innovation has been the foundation of its economic vitality and military power in the post-war. No longer is U.S. pre-eminence assured as a place to turn laboratory discoveries into new commercial products, companies, industries, and high-paying jobs. As the pillars of the U.S. innovation system erode through wavering financial and policy support, the rest of the world is racing to improve its capacity to generate new technologies and products, attract and grow existing industries, and build positions in the high technology industries of tomorrow. Rising to the Challenge: U.S. Innovation Policy for Global Economy emphasizes the importance of sustaining global leadership in the commercialization of innovation which is vital to America's security, its role as a world power, and the welfare of its people. The second decade of the 21st century is witnessing the rise of a global competition that is based on innovative advantage. To this end, both advanced as well as emerging nations are developing and pursuing policies and programs that are in many cases less constrained by ideological limitations on the role of government and the concept of free market economics. The rapid transformation of the global innovation landscape presents tremendous challenges as well as important opportunities for the United States. This report argues that far more vigorous attention be paid to capturing the outputs of innovation - the commercial products, the industries, and particularly high-quality jobs to restore full employment. America's economic and national security future depends on our succeeding in this endeavor.

Investigating High tech Crime

Titre : Investigating High tech Crime
Auteur : Michael R. Knetzger
Éditeur : Prentice Hall
ISBN-13 : 0131886835
Libération : 2008

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Written for first responders, this book was developed to address the need for an investigator's guide to high tech crime. Filled with real world examples, it is meant to be a hands-on training tool as well as a long-term reference manual. Chapters and materials are sequenced using a building block approach–one that ensures all readers have the baseline knowledge needed to advance to the more complex topic areas. With an emphasis on demystifying the world of high tech crime, this book uses plain terms and real world analogies to make concepts accessible and meaningful to those on the front lines. Helps individuals with varied experience grasp important technology concepts and become more confident in the field. Starts with the broad base level knowledge and works steadily toward explaining the complex rules and methodologies associated with a full computer seizure and forensic examination. Contains a variety of material (learning goals and objectives, individual and collaborative exercises, search warrant examples, technology comparisons etc.) so information is meaningful to diverse learners. Functions as an investigator's guide to high tech crime and can be used as a hands-on training tool or long-term reference manual.

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook

Titre : Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook
Auteur : Oded Maimon
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 9780387254654
Libération : 2006-05-28

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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook organizes all major concepts, theories, methodologies, trends, challenges and applications of data mining (DM) and knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) into a coherent and unified repository. This book first surveys, then provides comprehensive yet concise algorithmic descriptions of methods, including classic methods plus the extensions and novel methods developed recently. This volume concludes with in-depth descriptions of data mining applications in various interdisciplinary industries including finance, marketing, medicine, biology, engineering, telecommunications, software, and security. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook is designed for research scientists and graduate-level students in computer science and engineering. This book is also suitable for professionals in fields such as computing applications, information systems management, and strategic research management.

Jmp 10 Basic Analysis and Graphing

Titre : Jmp 10 Basic Analysis and Graphing
Auteur : SAS Institute
Éditeur : SAS Institute
ISBN-13 : 9781612901978
Libération : 2012-03-01

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JMP 10 Basic Analysis and Graphing documents the basic JMP 10 statistical platforms, provides an overview of basic statistical methods, and describes some JMP 10 report windows and options. This book covers univariate and bivariate analyses, capability analyses, one-way ANOVA, contingency tables analysis, simple logistic regression, and paired data. Also included are instructions for using charts, overlay plots, interactive data visualization, contour plots, bubble plots, three-dimensional scatterplots, scatterplot matrices, ternary plots, tree maps, and more. SAS Products and Releases: JMP software: 9.0, 8.0.2, 8.0.1, 8.0, 7.01, 7.0.2, 7.0, 6.01, 6.0.3, 6.0.2, 6.0, 5.1, 5.01, 5.0, 4.05, 4.04, 4.0, 3.26, 3.22, 3.2, 2.05 Operating Systems: All

Creating Cool Web Sites with HTML XHTML and CSS

Titre : Creating Cool Web Sites with HTML XHTML and CSS
Auteur : Dave Taylor
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9780764573187
Libération : 2004-05-03

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Walks readers through the process of creating a basic Web site from scratch using HMTL, the basis for billions of Web pages, and then jazzing it up with advanced techniques from the author's award-winning sites This updated edition features new material that shows readers how to attract visitors to a site and keep them there, including new JavaScript examples and coverage of cascading style sheets and XHTML, technologies that make building successful Web sites even easier Also features exciting new tips and tricks for beginning and advanced users, as well as more expanded examples and samples for users to incorporate in their own sites The book moves from basic design and deployment to advanced page layout strategies, showing how to spice up new or existing sites with sound, video, and animation

Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age

Titre : Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age
Auteur : Kurt W. Beyer
Éditeur : BookBaby
ISBN-13 : 9781483550497
Libération : 2015-02-16

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A Hollywood biopic about the life of computer pioneer Grace Murray Hopper (1906--1992) would go like this: a young professor abandons the ivy-covered walls of academia to serve her country in the Navy after Pearl Harbor and finds herself on the front lines of the computer revolution. She works hard to succeed in the all-male computer industry, is almost brought down by personal problems but survives them, and ends her career as a celebrated elder stateswoman of computing, a heroine to thousands, hailed as the inventor of computer programming. Throughout Hopper's later years, the popular media told this simplified version of her life story. In Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age, Kurt Beyer reveals a more authentic Hopper, a vibrant and complex woman whose career paralleled the meteoric trajectory of the postwar computer industry. Both rebellious and collaborative, Hopper was influential in male-dominated military and business organizations at a time when women were encouraged to devote themselves to housework and childbearing. Hopper's greatest technical achievement was to create the tools that would allow humans to communicate with computers in terms other than ones and zeroes. This advance influenced all future programming and software design and laid the foundation for the development of user-friendly personal computers.

Udder Health and Communication

Titre : Udder Health and Communication
Auteur : Hendrik Hogeveen
Éditeur : Wageningen Academic Pub
ISBN-13 : 9789086861859
Libération : 2011

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In dairy industries throughout the world there is a desire to optimize udder health. An improved udder health will lead to improved animal welfare, improved production efficiency and a reduction of the use of antibiotics. To improve udder health, first of all, technical knowledge on issues such as treatment, milking, infectious pressure and host resistance is important. However, over the years we learned that knowledge alone is not enough: knowledge has to be used. And for knowledge to be used, farmers have to be motivated. This requires knowledge about motivation and communication.In this book, recent knowledge on technical udder health issues is combined with knowledge on motivation and communication. A large number of descriptions of mastitis control programs that are being carried out worldwide is combined with more specific studies. These are aimed at effective advising, motivation and communication strategies, economics, and technical studies on mastitis control and prevention. Therefore, this book provides an applied source of information for all that are willing to improve udder health.