Taking the Path of Zen

Titre : Taking the Path of Zen
Auteur : Robert Aitken
Éditeur : North Point Press
ISBN-13 : 9781466895232
Libération : 2015-12-15

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There is a fine art to presenting complex ideas with simplicity and insight, in a manner that both guides and inspires. In Taking the Path of Zen Robert Aitken presents the practice, lifestyle, rationale, and ideology of Zen Buddhism with remarkable clarity. The foundation of Zen is the practice of zazen, or mediation, and Aitken Roshi insists that everything flows from the center. He discusses correct breathing, posture, routine, teacher-student relations, and koan study, as well as common problems and milestones encountered in the process. Throughout the book the author returns to zazen, offering further advice and more advanced techniques. The orientation extends to various religious attitudes and includes detailed discussions of the Three Treasures and the Ten Precepts of Zen Buddhism. Taking the Path of Zen will serve as orientation and guide for anyone who is drawn to the ways of Zen, from the simply curious to the serious Zen student.

Creating Applications with Mozilla

Titre : Creating Applications with Mozilla
Auteur : David Boswell
Éditeur : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN-13 : 0596000529
Libération : 2002-09-24

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Explains how to utilize the Mozilla development framework to create cross-platform applications using JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and XUL (XML-based User-interface Language), along with other technologies. Original. (Intermediate)

The I Chong

Titre : The I Chong
Auteur : Tommy Chong
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781416947417
Libération : 2007-06-05

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A personal memoir by the iconic comedian, inspired by his 2003 imprisonment, describes how the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration attempted to make an example of him when they convicted him of supporting terrorist interests through his marijuana use. Reprint. 40,000 first printing.

A Tooth from the Tiger s Mouth

Titre : A Tooth from the Tiger s Mouth
Auteur : Tom Bisio
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 1439188777
Libération : 2009-11-24

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A renowned expert in Chinese sports medicine and martial arts reveals ancient Eastern secrets for healing common injuries, including sprains, bruises, deep cuts, and much more. For centuries, Chinese martial arts masters have kept their highly prized remedies as carefully guarded secrets, calling such precious and powerful knowledge "a tooth from the tiger's mouth." Now, for the first time, these deeply effective methods are revealed to Westerners who want alternative ways to treat the acute and chronic injuries experienced by any active person. While many books outline the popular teachings of traditional Chinese medicine, only this one offers step-by-step instructions for treating injuries. Expert practitioner and martial artist Tom Bisio explains the complete range of healing strategies and provides a Chinese first-aid kit to help the reader fully recover from every mishap: cuts, sprains, breaks, dislocations, bruises, muscle tears, tendonitis, and much more. He teaches readers how to: Examine and diagnose injuries Prepare and apply herbal formulas Assemble a portable kit for emergencies Fully recuperate with strengthening exercises and healing dietary advice Comprehensive and easy to follow, with drawings to illustrate both the treatment strategies and the strengthening exercises, this unique guidebook will give readers complete access to the powerful healing secrets of the great Chinese warriors.

Uncommon Wisdom

Titre : Uncommon Wisdom
Auteur : Fritjof Capra
Éditeur : Bantam
ISBN-13 : UCSC:32106014247131
Libération : 1989-01-01

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Written for anyone who wants to know the philosophies of key figures in New Age thought, here is an introduction to serious New Age thinking. Capra charts his own intellectual odyssey and the evolution of a new consciousness through lively discussions with many of this century's most influential minds. (Philosopy/Metaphysics)

Agile Modeling

Titre : Agile Modeling
Auteur : Scott Ambler
Éditeur : John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-13 : 9780471271901
Libération : 2002-08-14

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The first book to cover Agile Modeling, a new modeling technique created specifically for XP projects eXtreme Programming (XP) has created a buzz in the software development community-much like Design Patterns did several years ago. Although XP presents a methodology for faster software development, many developers find that XP does not allow for modeling time, which is critical to ensure that a project meets its proposed requirements. They have also found that standard modeling techniques that use the Unified Modeling Language (UML) often do not work with this methodology. In this innovative book, Software Development columnist Scott Ambler presents Agile Modeling (AM)-a technique that he created for modeling XP projects using pieces of the UML and Rational's Unified Process (RUP). Ambler clearly explains AM, and shows readers how to incorporate AM, UML, and RUP into their development projects with the help of numerous case studies integrated throughout the book. AM was created by the author for modeling XP projects-an element lacking in the original XP design The XP community and its creator have embraced AM, which should give this book strong market acceptance Companion Web site at www.agilemodeling.com features updates, links to XP and AM resources, and ongoing case studies about agile modeling.

Rails Recipes

Titre : Rails Recipes
Auteur : Chad Fowler
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015064906509
Libération : 2006

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Provides information on creating Web-based applications using Ruby.

The Elements of Technical Writing

Titre : The Elements of Technical Writing
Auteur : Gary Blake
Éditeur : Longman Publishing Group
ISBN-13 : 0020130856
Libération : 1993

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Offers practical guidelines and samples for writing coherent, accessible technical reports and proposals

Ruby for Rails

Titre : Ruby for Rails
Auteur : David A. Black
Éditeur : Manning Publications
ISBN-13 : 1932394699
Libération : 2006

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Provides information on creating Web-based applications using Ruby.

Pragmatic Project Automation

Titre : Pragmatic Project Automation
Auteur : Mike Clark
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0974514039
Libération : 2004

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Forget wizards, you need a slave--someone to do your repetitive, tedious and boring tasks, without complaint and without pay, so you'll have more time to design and write exciting code. Indeed, that's what computers are for. You can enlist your own computer to automate all of your project's repetitive tasks, ranging from individual builds and running unit tests through to full product release, customer deployment, and monitoring the system.Many teams try to do these tasks by hand. That's usually a really bad idea: people just aren't as good at repetitive tasks as machines. You run the risk of doing it differently the one time it matters, on one machine but not another, or doing it just plain wrong. But the computer can do these tasks for you the same way, time after time, without bothering you. You can transform these labor-intensive, boring and potentially risky chores into automatic, background processes that just work.In this eagerly anticipated book, you'll find a variety of popular, open-source tools to help automate your project. With this book, you will learn: How to make your build processes accurate, reliable, fast, and easy. How to build complex systems at the touch of a button. How to build, test, and release software automatically, with no human intervention. Technologies and tools available for automation: which to use and when. Tricks and tips from the masters (do you know how to have your cell phone tell you that your build just failed?) You'll find easy-to-implement recipes to automate your Java project, using the same popular style as the rest of our Jolt Productivity Award-winning Starter Kit books. Armed with plenty of examples and concrete, pragmatic advice, you'll find it's easy to get started and reap the benefits of modern software development. You can begin to enjoy pragmatic, automatic, unattended software production that's reliable and accurate every time.