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be aware of when implementing a BYOD program

The consumerization of IT and the increasing popularity of bring-your-own-device initiatives is changing the way businesses work, but there are several securityissues organizations need to keep in mind when implementing a BYOD program, according to a study by IT research firm Gartner. Seventy percent of respondents in a recent survey by the firm said that […]

Facebook users too open with information

Millions of Facebook users may be getting too open with their personal information on the Web’s biggest social network. According to Consumer Reports an estimated 13 million Facebook users in the U.S. either do not use or are not aware of the site’s privacy controls. In addition, 28 percent of the people the magazine polled […]

Microsoft combating online fraud

Microsoft Corp claimed a victory in efforts to combat online banking fraud, saying it had confiscated several servers used to steal login names and passwords, disrupting some of the world’s most sophisticated cybercrime rings. The software maker said on Monday that its cybercrime investigation group also took legal and technical actions to fight notorious criminals […]

Dell to buy SonicWall

Dell Inc said it would buy network and data security products maker SonicWall from an investor group, as the world’s No.3 personal computer maker tries to tap the growing demand for online security by large companies. Dell has been trying to boost profit margins by focusing on being an one-stop-shop for business customers and increasing […]

hacktivism has gone mainstream

With various groups launching attacks against a wide range of targets to express their displeasure, hacktivism has gone mainstream. While it’s easy to lump all the attacks under the Anonymous banner, it’s not entirely accurate. The easy availability of a wide range of tools that can launch distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) means practically anyone with […]

Symantec Corp said a 2006 breach led to the theft of the source code

Symantec Corp said a 2006 breach led to the theft of the source code to its flagship Norton security software, reversing its previous position that it had not been hacked. The world’s biggest maker of security software had previously said that hackers stole the code from a third party, but corrected that statement on Tuesday […]

Mobile users have a false sense of security

Mobile users have a false sense of security when it comes to their devices, according to a recent report from McAfee. About 70 percent of smartphone owners said they considered their devices to be safe from cyber-crime, according to a report from the National Cyber-Security Alliance and McAfee released Dec. 27. Even though the report […]

In many ways, compliance is the new security

In many ways, compliance is the new security. It’s a hot-button topic, it isn’t going away anytime soon, and there are loads of consultants and vendors trying to make a buck off misunderstandings as well as actual needs, and if the customer can’t tell the difference, so much the better. But how big of a […]

Symantec is giving administrators a tool

Symantec, through its Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP), is looking to give access control back to administrators at a time when data breaches, hack attempts, stolen data and system attacks are seemingly becoming everyday events. While the results and damages caused by breaches can vary, there is a common thread behind any type of […]

There is a beta version of Microsoft Security Essentials available

There is a beta version of Microsoft Security Essentials available that promises to perform better than the current version. Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is the company’s free anti-virus and anti-malware application, and it works really well. I use it for all my personal computers, and I have been recommending it to all my family and […]